Plant Factory Lighting

PGL-BOXVariPar together with Parus developed several systems that allow multilayered growth without any need for outside lighting. In order to utilize a modular system, we created a complete lighting plate that even includes cooling called the PGL-BOX. With this module you can easily stack the plates to grow multilayered and it even allows for wireless control. The built-in fans also optimize the airflow therefore regulating your crop air moisture levels. The PGL-BOX can fully illuminate every stage of your crop growth through color dimming. This all-rounder is perfectly suited for growth racks or production plants.

Our PGL-PFL series is the best solution for any advanced multi-layer system. This series of linear LED’s are lamps, optimized for a very effective growth. They can be used for all phases of breeding: seedlings, growth and flowering stage. The PGL-PFL-RB standard provides a high intensity light with optimized spectrum. They are supplied with an optimum spectrum and are suitable for most crops. Optionally, the PAR value can be increased by up to 30 percent through using a water cooling system. By the use of water cooling also the energy consumption of the lamp is reduced by 10 percent. This innovative system increases your efficiency and also ensures good heat dissipation.

PGLAre you growing different varieties or want more control over the growth stages? The PGL-PFL RB-Control allows you to more accurately control your crop. This series allows in addition to the RB Standard the ability to dim per color. This dimming can be controlled both manually or via a (wireless) computer system. The RB-Control also has the option for watercooling supporting an even more optimal efficiency.


The PGL-PFL Series distinguishes itself by
■ Energy savings and long lifecycle
■ Broad applicability – The light is suitable for many common plants such as lettuce, herbs, tomatoes and peppers
■ Professional lights with the best light recipe for your plants
■ Universal use – Can be used for all stages of growth: seedlings, growth and flowering stage
■ Highly effective heat sink – Fully aluminum fixture, optional water cooling components
■ Optimum design & Easy Installation

Make a lighting plan based on your business case.
Let the expert team of VariPar calculate the optimum light distribution for you, at the best business case, for your situation. Thanks to proven computer models, we are able to calculate precisely how to get the optimum light distribution for your system. If required, we can help you start a pilot or test phase before proceeding to a definitive solution.