Plug Plant System

PPSMultilayer Propagation System

Germinate and important a costly affair. the plug plant system of varipar allows you to germinate between 2500 and 10,000 seeds within less than a square meter. perfectly complementing a multilayer cultivation system, but allows you to start your own propagation process in your greenhouse.

Plug Plant System (PPS)
VariPar together with Parus created a multifunctional system designed specifically for the germination and growing process. The PGL-PPS system is a multi-layer lighting unit that is designed for the cultivation of seedlings and cuttings, simply by using a standard Danish trolley. Below the lighting a nozzle system is mounted to optimally spray of the seedlings.

The lighting which is used in this solution is the PGL-RB Standard of our multilayer product line. This type has an IP67 rating and is optionally equipped with water cooling for even better efficiency of 30% more PAR value.

The PPS system supports a multi-functional process of germinating seeds, rooting cuttings or growing young plants. This can be realized because the bulbs are dimmable from 0-100 percent. The layers are height-adjustable so that the system be used for many purposes. So in addition to seeds, you can set the system for larger plants or growth experiments by simply adjusting the Danish trolley and the alignment of the lamps.

Multilayer Cultivation

We developed multiple systems for multilayered germination and growth. The Plug Plant System is a major contributor to these systems because of the very small space requirements therefore leaving more space for the larger multilayer cultivation systems. The most important properties for this system are:

■ Optimal for propagation of seeds and cuttings
■ Available in 8 or 10 layers
■ Suitable for standard Danish trolley
■ Customizable to your needs
■ Dimmable
■ Water cooling (optional)
■ Timer
■ Height-adjustable layers (optional)
■ Suitable for 2500-10000 seeds per system
■ Systems are connectable for factory propagation setup

Let the expert team of VariPar help you with the best setup and calculate the best business case for your situation. If required we can work with you to start a pilot plan or test phase before we proceed to execute on your growing needs.