Plant Factory Systems

Multilayered Culture

Grow 365 days a year with consistent quality regardless of the climate fluctuations. our multilayer systems are the ideal balance between optimal lighting, cooling and durability.


  • Faster and continuous production (reduce the growing time from 6 months to 25 days)
  • No influence of climate and geological characteristics
  • Producing safe and hygienic vegetable
  • Purification of pollutants (Ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide..)
  • Increases 3 times more of Antioxidants
  • Reduces microorganism in the air
  • An ion gives psychological stability and humidity maintain

We need this due to

  • Increasing demand of organic food
  • Stable food supplies regardless of climate, season and region
  • The rapid climatic change, it caused serious damages in agricultural production (1°C of temperature raise causes USD 2,100 – 3,200 of income loss per Ha.)
  • Unusual weather phenomena such as typhoon and heavy rain which damages plants seriously
  • The growth of middle class, insufficiency of food supplies needed
  • Increasing demand of stable food supplies
  • Necessity of nutritious vegetable


Let the expert team of VariPar calculate the optimum light distribution for you, at the best business case, for your situation. Thanks to proven computer models, we are able to calculate precisely how to get the optimum light distribution for your system. If required, we can help you start a pilot or test phase before proceeding to a definitive solution.