COB 250 – 400W HPS Replacement

The COB led units from our partner Parus delivers up to 200% Par value of a traditional HPS system. The COB 250 uses between 200-220W, including the optional wifi control unit it will still only use 250Watts, that is about 50% of a 400Watt HPS system with ballast. The wifi control is able to control the power from 0-100% by using computer software, making it possible to create a constant PAR value during the day.

We deliver 6 different spectrum to suit the needs for your type of crops, but please let us know if you need any other spectrum, almost any type is possible.

The PAR value compared to a traditional HPS:

We tested the comparable COB 350 at a independent LIGHT test centre,
see the performance and durability report on the Olino website