Greenhouse Products

50% Energy Savings and Better Crop Yield

1 for 1 replacement for your traditional lighting with our top led line generating up to 200% more light with 50% savings in energy. with our inter-lighting positioned between the crops you can increase the sap flow of your crop and thereby significantly increase the yield per m2.

Our horticultural LED grow lights provides exactly what plants need resulting in higher quality crops with lower energy costs. Our LED lighting provides many benefits like:

  • Save growing space by multi level growing
  • The ability to control your lighting
  • Save energy
  • Reduce cropping times
  • Increase quality and taste
  • Reduce on maintenance on your horticultural lighting as LED can last between 5 and 10 years.

We have solutions to increase your yield by lighting on places that are normally in shadow spaces;

20140207 PGL-D-RBC 2400

We can also replace your 400, 600 and 1000 Watt HPS lighting by our new COB LED lights;

20140929 PGL-RA-350-COB2

Let the expert team of VariPar calculate the optimum light distribution for you at the best business case, for your situation. Thanks to proven computer models, we are able to provide your greenhouse with a even distribution of light without peaks or drops. In the event that you wish to purchase in phases, VariPar can even plan the ramp up for future expansion. If required, we can help you start a pilot or test phase before proceeding to a definitive solution.

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