About Parus-Europe (VariPar)

Everything starts with light.

Light is one of the most important elements for growing and flowering of plants. With the introduction of LED lamps specially made for growing crops, we started a journey of innovation that completely changes the way we plant, harvest, and eat our produce. If you can not find your specific interests on this website please contact us for more information.

Short introduction

We at Parus-Europe are actively working on the development of LED grow lights to deliver and contribute to a sustainable environment in which healthy and fresh food remains affordable for everyone. Parus-Europe is the distributor and development partner of the Parus Factory in Europe, and we apply our knowledge and expertise in three specific segments; Consumer and Lifestyle, Horticulture, and Plant Factory solutions, also called multi layered farming. By supporting these segments, we provide innovative and affordable solutions for any type of grower.


The Netherlands is known worldwide for its highly efficient greenhouse solutions. After a generation of growing with high pressure sodium lamps, LED lights bring a whole new range of opportunities to grow more efficiently. Due to LEDs capacity to generate exactly the frequencies at which a plant responds, we can let the plants grow more optimally with less energy. Along with our specific LED knowledge, we provide a combination of innovative technical elements. By utilizing lenses and watercooling, we provide an even distribution of light and optimize the power utilization to achieve even greater efficiencies than that had been thought possible. These savings realize an energy reduction of up to 60% compared to current lamps, and a life span of more than 100.000 hours of runtime. This is equivalent to using LEDs for 15 years at 18 hours a day. With these developments, we actively contribute to increased sustainability for the farmer.

Consumer & Lifestyle

Our ‘Lifestyle’ segment, utilizes the knowledge gained in the professional horticulture and makes it available to consumers. With bulbs, spots, and lampshades, living rooms and kitchens are completely transformed into a harmony of green, where people can grow and harvest indoors. The applications within the ‘Lifestyle’ segment are rapidly developing from air purifying vertical walls, fresh herbs in restaurants, to green office spaces for a better working environment. With grow lights, even people in urban areas get closer to nature.

Our general terms and conditions

We provide ‘Enlightened Growth’